Make the best first impression with our range of business cards

Business Cards soft-touch

At Viper, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality business cards to help your business stand out and become memorable for any who picks a card up. We don’t provide the cheaper 250gsm cards you may find elsewhere, instead, you can be sure that your cards will display your business in the best light. 

There are many different types of business cards available, ranging from appointment cards to magnetic cards to the original rectangular cards. And if there is something you want but can’t see, then just get in touch, as we can always make something more bespoke to fit your needs.

Different Finishes

Matt Finish

This is one of the most popular finish on a business card. Unlike a gloss card, this won’t shine so bright in like making it more readable. 

The matt lamination help strengthen the cards and create a more professional look no matter than industry your in.

Matt Business Cards

Soft Touch

Soft-touch is a very luxurious finish that creates a high end feel to any business card. Don’t give out just any old card, give something out that shows you mean business.

This is a card with a soft touch to it. All our cards are made with this, and if you come into our showroom we have plenty of different examples.

Business Cards Soft touch 2


Luxe business cards are very thick and colourful, they look amazing when handed out to clients. 

These cards have a unique 3 layer design with the middle layer being coloured. There are 12 different options to choose from meaning you’ll always be able to match your brand.

Luxe Business Cards


Scodix finishing on cards raises the text or other highlighted areas 100x higher than any other form of UV varnish. This creates a truly amazing finish to any card and there is no doubt you’ll stand out with these.

Why not use this as a chance to create a brail version of your card?

Scodix Business Cards

Other Cards

Already got business cards? Why not have a look at how else we can help you. We can create stunning appointment cards and loyalty cards to ensure create customer retention. Own a cafe and want to start a loyalty scheme, get in touch. Run a hair salon and need to keep track of appointments, we’re got a solution for that. 

Appointment Cards

The perfect way to keep your customers on track with different appointments. We can design them for singular or regular use. Maybe even add a loyalty aspect to your cards as well. 

Appointment Cards

Loyalty Cards

Need to keep customers coming back to your business again and again? A simple way to do that is create some style loyalty cards, either using a stamp or signature. We can design them for you and even supply a unique ink stamp specialised to your company. 

Loyalty Cards