Branded clothing

Brand you and your workers so your business stands out from the crowd. From workwear to hospitality, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Alternatively, pop into our showroom in Lincoln to see our ranges and try the sizes to find out what fits you and your team the best.

Workwear & Hi-Vis

Do you work in the construction industry? Do you need hard-wearing uniforms that stand the test of time? Then look no further, we can provide you with trousers, polos, jackets and much more. These can be specialised around your specific industry, from the different levels of grading of Hi-Visibility products to the added Cordura on the knees and elbows.

Tactical Hi Vis Trouser
Aprons 1


Are you running a cafe and want to dress your staff in some new branded aprons? Why not get in touch, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. This could be a shirt, polo, apron, caps and much more. Let us help your branding stand out.

Thanks to our friends at Premium Workwear we can offer you a huge range of styles and colours to match your branding or theme of the business. This is a huge range, and t’s available to see in our showroom.

Sports Clothing

Do you manage a sports team? part of a club? Would you like some sportswear to help create a uniform for your team? We are here to help. Whether it is simple tees and hoodies with your team logo on, or full kit creating we have something for you.

Maybe your a personally trainer or own a gym and want to create your own brand of sports clothing for your clients to wear. It can make a great gift around Christmas time. Ensure your clients are walking shining examples of your skills whilst being breathable and stylish. 

Just Cool Short Sleeve Contrast Tee
Recycled Workwear Brand shot

Recycled Clothing

Recycled clothing is a very simple way of reducing your carbon footprint and supporting sustainable business practices. By choosing recycled clothing you are reducing the amount of plastic and fabric that goes to landfills, saving water from the production of new clothing, and reducing the number of bad chemicals getting into the environment. To find out more information and to take a look at our range, click below.

How do we brand your clothing?

Embroidered WPE Polo


Embroidered clothing often lasts longer than the garment itself. It provides a professional look to all your garments without breaking the bank. We can embroider onto the fronts, backs and sleeves of clothing along with bags, beanies, caps and much more. Unlike print, we can embroider onto all woolly products which are perfect for winter.

Printed Cafe Polos


Printed garments create a clean finish on your clothing & bags. Its often cheaper than embroidery and perfect for large quantity orders, like tote bags and hi-vis vests. We can fully print onto nearly all products expect wool products (however thanks to our friends at Beechfield's, we have a small selection of printable beanies)


We have a showroom full of clothing and workwear to help show you how to make your business stand out. We have plenty of clothing to try on and examples of our work. Check out some of the latest products in the promotion industry, like the new 100% recycled softshells and bags. These are made from recycled plastic bottles.

We also have plenty of brochures you can take away with you if you can’t decide on the day. We are always here to help recommend the most appropriate product for you and your business.

Welton FC sportswear

clothing Bundles

Do you want to save some money on your clothing? Why not purchase one of our bundles and save some money whilst making your team stand out from the crowd. Click the link to find our clothing bundles.