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Feather flags are designed for the purpose of advertising. The designs are printed on 100% knitted polyester 115gsm material. It is a great way of advertising for trade shows, shopping centres, or exhibitions where a large number of people gather together.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are the most popular shape of flag, this is because they offer the largest space for artwork.

Feather Flag
Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags

These flags can withstand 22mph wind speeds, which means they are great in open areas. This could be country shows, on buildings and the side of roads

crest flags

All of the flags come with a fibre glass poles and carry kits for ease of putting up and taking down. You’ll be able to erect them in a matter of minutes thanks to their simple 3 pole kit. 

Crest Flags

Different Flag bases

Basic Ground Spike

Basic Ground Spike

This comes free with all flags, its a simple ground spike that does the job. It can only be used on soft ground like grass, but it keeps the flag where it needs to be.

Premium Ground Spike

Premium Ground Spike

Our premium ground spike is more effective than the basic version. It can go deeper into the ground and hold the flag at higher wind speeds.

Backpack Flag Base


This is a little more unique for a flag. You simply attach it to the rucksack and lift it onto your shoulders. Now you can walk around events advertising your company. This is especially useful whilst your handing out leaflets.

Water Base

Water base

You can fill it with either sand or water and on soft and hard ground. It does make it more useful if you travel about a lot. But it doesn't look as nice at the other options. However thanks to the weighted bottom it can withstand the highest wind speeds.

Cross Base

Cross Base

A simple cross base is perfect for indoors as you can place objects like tables over the top of it without it causing any issues. It is much better for indoor use, however, if you have the correct weights you can use it outside

Drive on Base

Drive on Base

Ideal for forecourts and car shows, these drive on bases will be held down by a vehicle and keep your flag standing proud.

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