our referral scheme



Our referral cards now come with every order! Simply refer a friend using one of your cards and we will then give you and your friend £10 off your next order with us. 

They will just need to tell us they have received a card or show us the card, if they’re meeting us in person. There are no hidden charges and you can refer as many people to us as you wish. So if you’d like more referral cards, just let us know!

If you’re an existing customer and would like to request some referral cards, please call us on 01522 449 229. 

Referral Card

OUR Referral scheme terms & conditions:

  • All customers who submit a valid referral card to us will receive £10 off their order. Whoever referred us to them, will also receive £10 off their next order.
  • You cannot refer an existing Viper Printing customer.
  • The person or business referred must have purchased from us for the referrer to redeem their £10 off discount.
  • You can only refer somebody to us if you have previously purchased something from Viper Printing.
  • If a referred customer is sent by multiple people, whoever submitted the referral first will be deemed as the refer. 
  •  There is no limit on the number of people you can refer. 
  • There is no cash or voucher alternative to the £10 off your next order discount. 
  • In the event of any disagreements regarding any referred customers, the decision of Viper Printing is final.
  • Referrals will be classed as unqualified if an existing customer refers their own company or franchise.
  • For more information please contact us at sales@viper.world or call us on 01522 449 229.