Branding your vehicle

If you're driving around without your vehicle having any branding on, you're missing out on important advertising opportunities. That's where we come in.

Our showroom is full of colour samples on different materials to ensure you're always getting the correct colour for your vehicle. We can go through the design process with you and help work out the best way to promote your company on your vehicle. From simple magnets and CAD cut lettering to infills and wraps.


Vehicle magnets are brilliant little tools for small businesses, especially if you use multiple cars or share a car with someone. 

Simply put them on, and take them off as and when you like. Our magnets are industrial grade which means they won’t come off, even at high speed. 

Vehicle Magnets
Vehicle Signwritting


We have worked on single simple vans, up to fleets of transits. No job is too big or too small. From simple lettering or infills on a van. We produce high-quality vehicle branding to suit your needs for your own business. Come in and have a chat with us today. Simply click ‘contact us’ and fill in the form.


Vehicles that are wrapped stand out due to their bold colours, clear branding and simply because they are unique driving around.

Here at Viper we offer 2 types of services when it comes to wrapping, full and half wraps. The difference is how much gets wrapped. Here you can see Lincoln UTC’s minibus has a half wrap of the school along the side. Th image is striking when driving along. 

Lincoln UTC Minibus